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21 Day Sugar Shutdown Challenge

21 Day Sugar Shutdown Challenge

Are you ready to kickstart your healthy eating routine, get leaner and more energised?


This programme starting on Monday 11th March 2024 will help you achieve that as we will eliminate treats and processed foods from our diet and rebalance sugar levels. You will also learn how to identify hidden sugar and what to eat for optimal health and vitality.


This programme is for you if:


  • You are struggling to lose weight
  • You have strong cravings for sugar, chocolate, sweets and bread products (even eating sweets doesn’t get rid of the cravings)
  • You are tired after eating meals
  • You need caffeine to get going in the morning or as pick me up later in the day
  • You get light headed if you miss a meal (this means low blood sugar)
  • You have skin disorders like breakouts


How May You Benefit From the Challenge?


  • Weight loss
  • Less craving for sugar / food
  • More energy
  • More regular bowel movements
  • Calmer, happier and less anxious
  • Less brain fog
  • Better sleep
  • Less bloating
  • Increased sense of taste (healthy food starts tasting better)


What is included?


  • Sugar Shutdown Challenge eBook (PDF) which includes nutrition information, recipes and tips and tricks for success


  • Sugar Shutdown Recipe Book + Sample Meal Plan eBook (PDF) Including 40+ challenge approved recipes, sample meal plan and alternatives created by a nutritionist.


  • Daily Challenge Tracker Sheet - habit checklist to keep you on track!


  • Daily Inspirational Emails to motivate you and provide you with even more information


  • Daily Inspiration in our Private Facebook Challenge Group


  • WEEKLY LIVE  CALL 60 MINS  in our Private Facebook Challenge Group and via Zoom for you to learn more about nutrition and get the support and accountability you need. The replay will be available via zoom link and in the Facebook Group.



How will it work?


  • Day 1-7 : Becoming a Sugar Detective.

We will set ourselves for success by learning about the impact of sugar on our health, how to read labels and identify hidden sugar, as well as how to avoid it and what to eat instead


  • Day 8-21 : Follow the 14 Day Sugar Shutdown

During the 14 days of the challenge you will be adhering

to the following 4 criteria:


  • Quality: Ditch the processing and eat only real whole foods
  • Balance: Each meal will be balanced with protein, fibre & fat
  • Fibre-ful: Hit our daily fibre goal of 28-40g (aka 7-10 g per meal)
  • Sugar Shutdown Approved Foods: Follow the list provided


  • Day 21 : Stepping into your new you


Please note this is NOT about cutting out all carbs but shifting to a low glycaemic way of eating, eating nutritionally dense food for optimal health.


Each week we will be in this together— coaching & supporting each other as

we transform our nutrition as a group.


COST  £125




My name is Ania Huth


I am Food Matters Nutrition Coach, Holistic Nutrition Weightloss Coach and a Yoga Teacher.


I am passionate about helping others get fitter, stronger and healthier so that they can create positive changes in other areas of their lives and reach their dreams.


Having been overweight, I discovered exercise and re-educated myself about nutrition. As a result, I became lighter, fitter and healthier and recently decided to take my passion for healthy living to become a wellness and weightloss coach and yoga teacher so that I can empower others to become healthier because health is our most precious resource!


Hope you can join me in this Challenge and Good Luck!

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