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I’ve recently been having yoga sessions with Ania and I can honestly say that it’s been transformational for me! Having practiced yoga in the past I’m very used to yoga but Ania’s sessions are very refreshing. A lovely mindful meditation to start followed by a very well structured yoga session with warm up and cool down postures too. Ania explains the postures very well and genuinely has our best interests at heart throughout. Core strength was an objective for me and Ania covers this extremely well in her classes! Within a few weeks I could tell the difference with my abdominal ability and visually see the difference too! At the end of the yoga class there is also a short relaxation (much needed!) and I feel like I have really enjoyed a good work out feeling relaxed and positive too! Thank you Ania x

Julia Pilgrim

Ania is a fantastic teacher and also lovely person. Her directions are clear and precise so you're not looking up to check you're doing the right thing. Her classes are truly for all levels and although you've worked hard you'll somehow come out relaxed. I am enjoying the classes and feel much better physically. 🙂💯

Ewelina Workun

I enjoy Ania's yoga classes. I find her to be very personable and knowledgeable with a soothing voice and flow. Her classes are challenging but also manageable at your own pace. I particularly enjoy the meditation part which helps me feel more centred and relaxed.

Gini Gill

Satisfied Clients

What People Say

I did few sessions with Ania so far, but planning to join her classes on a regular basis. She is very dedicated and motivated teacher.
She inspires me and I love her energy.

Mutlu Yilmaz

I have been to a number of Ania’s classes and find that I have improved my core and stability already within this time. The classes are varied to cater for all abilities, and cover differ elements of yoga and even Pilates. I enjoy these thoroughly and find Ania very calming to listen to. The perfect class to unwind, relax and build your strength, mobility and agility too.

Jennie Davide

I personally very much enjoyed yoga with Ania. She is knowledgeable and a great yoga teacher. She has this dedicated teacher loving yoga vibe that is contagious and reminds me of classroom yoga sessions before COVID which I loved. I would recommend Ania to anyone that likes yoga.

Lina Kochanske

Satisfied Clients

What People Say

Ewa Pawlak

I practice yoga with Ania twice a week and I can see how my body and mind are changing- I feel stronger and more relaxed. I definitely recommend it.

Annie Stylianou

I started yoga with Ania about 3 months and thoroughly enjoy the sessions. I have been attending (virtually) once a week and have noticed a big improvement in my stamina and figure. Ania is a very calming influence who is passionate about her classes. I would recommend Ania to others considering yoga. (review left on Facebook business page)

Karen Ainley 

I very much enyoyed the Thrive Over 40 class, which has given me a renewed focus on my health and wellbeing. I learnt so much from Ania, from nutrition and gut microbiomes, to the importance of relaxation and avoiding stress, as well as getting a good night’s sleep and so much more. I loved the strategic tips to set me up for success.  

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